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South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson announced the arrest of Justin Brian Villella, Jr.

Lauren Dangerfield, 31

Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher has identified  Brian Patrick Orazen, 45, of Lexington as the individual who died as a result of a motor vehicle collision that occurred in the 1500 block o

College Classroom

There’s good and bad news for USC students this year.
The good news is the University of South Carolina is raising tuition rates only 2.9% from $12,262 to $12,618 for SC residents.


In a span of three hours Wednesday at Smith Road Complex, Chapin/Newberry Post 193/24 moved within a victory of the S.C. American Legion tournament.

    Track success seems to run in the Patterson family.
    After watching older brother Jacory at both Hand and Dreher High, 8-year-old Jamey Patterson II decided to follow him.

Ralph Jarrells is quite an interesting guy. 
What he wants to do for kids in Belize is even more interesting.

Chapin/Newberry Post 193/24 was three outs away from evening its Best-of-Five Series Tuesday against Greenwood Post 20.


I feel what the buggy whip makers must have felt 100 years ago. A noisy, smoke-belching contraption on wheels was about to put them out of business. I grew up reading newspapers. I loved them, delivered them, wrote for and edited them and finally owned a few of them. Now I find that fewer and fewer of us like to pick real newspapers up, hold them in our hands, and thumb through them to read about our neighbors and friends, check on the health and welfare of our community, and make important shopping decisions. Readers’ needs and wants are changing and we have to change with them, too.

You may not be aware of it but an important event occurred last week. After 15 years online, the Chronicle and the Lake Murray Fish Wrapper introduced a new electronic edition. We did it at the request of many of you who wanted to be able to read it on your smart phones.

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Are you as amazed as we are by what the candidates for governor are promising?

Infantry training wasn’t all fun and games

When Mr. Cooper hired my father – a 15-year-old high school graduate – he handed him a broom and asked if he knew how to use it. My father said he did.

Office of Regulatory Staff members have a right to be annoyed with the Public Disservice Commission.

The rest of us have a right to be at the least incensed.


Fairlawn Grocery

We need more Harold Branhams. 
In a time when things old and quaint fall to modern ways, it’s good to have someone preserve the past. 

Pineview Baptist

One of the great joys of writing this column is finding relatively small churches that are making a difference. 

Hackers are using ransomware against towns

Public-sector organization attacks are rising. In April the town of Rockport, Maine fell victim to ransomware. The hacker got in and locked the computers down so no files could be opened.

Monday, June 25, was brutally hot and humid. 


 SC Electric & Gas electricity ratepayers may find this surprising.

The company wants state regulators to let it lower rates — not for electricity but for natural gas.

Lake Murray is our state’s 4th largest overall lake market, with home listings at more than $217 million.

What do you do when you need workers but applicants flunk drug tests?

That is happening more often than you may think.

The Chronicle’s Business blog

Gerald Woodgate works with UK ad wizard Drayton Bird. He sent us this timely reminder note the other day:


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