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  • Walmart officials said they think a $15 minimum wage is a bad idea
    Walmart officials said they think a $15 minimum wage is a bad idea

Why Walmart will raise 425,000 workers' wages

They aim to reward those who make their stores the most profitable
Walmart will raise its pay to $15 an hour for more than 425,000 associates.
How many of those work in its Lexington County stores was not reported.
Walmart officials said they do not pay a $15 minimum wage and think it's a bad idea.
They said they are not raising the pay of all their 2.2 million associates.
They said their strategy is to reward those who stay with them and make their stores more profitable.
Lexington County rivals including Kroger and Amazon criticized Walmart over pay. 
Amazon, Costco and Target all say they pay workers at least $15 an hour.
But Bloomberg Business reported a new Amazon warehouse drove down a county's average industry pay.
Most big retailers have remained silent on Democrats' proposed $15 minimum wages. 
A Kroger executve told Business Insider their average hourly wage has been $15 an hour since 2019.
Kroger's average hourly rate tops $20 an hour with health care, 401(K) and pensions that many competitors don't offer, a representative said. 


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