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A new threat to your privacy
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Do you know what a keylogger is?
Keystroke logging records the keys struck on a keyboard. The keylogger is the program or hardware solution that does it.
Parents may install keylogging software to track their children online. Employers may use them on company computers to ensure staff time is productive. More often, a keylogger on your computer means trouble.
What’s the big deal?
Keyloggers can see anything you type into your computer. From logins, passwords, and account numbers to personal messages.
The Soviet Union developed the 1st keyloggers in the 1970s. Their keyloggers were covert hardware which tracked keystrokes on typewriters. Spies installed loggers on typewriters in the US Embassy in Moscow.
As technology advanced, this sneaky technology did, too. Information security experts with Cofense Intelligence uncovered a program called “Mass Logger.” Unlike previous keylogging, it is updated regularly. This makes it more dangerous. Since the code is changing, it’s more difficult for antivirus programs to spot.
How can you protect yourself? Mass Logger seems to be spreading via phishing campaigns. Phishers disguise themselves as trustworthy. 
They do this to steal your personal information. In this case, they install a keylogger on your machine.
Don’t click unsolicited links in emails, text messages or social media even if the email appears to be from a trusted friend or relative. Be suspicious. Do not download any attachments. Go directly to business websites before you log in. If you receive an attachment or link from a friend or family member, contact them. Verify they actually sent you a link or attachment.
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