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Scams target TV streaming users
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New scams going around are new twists on old favorites. These scammers aren’t using the pandemic to make victims pay - directly.

The first scam targets Hulu streaming users with forged emails that look like they’re from Hulu.
“Uh oh! There was a problem with your payment!” is the email headline.
It goes on to claim your payment declined and your account was canceled.
“But don’t worry!” the scammers say.
All you need to reactivate your subscription is click a link or button in the email.
They even sign it “The Hulu Team.”
If you get an email like this, don’t click the link. If you do, you’ll be taken to a fake site designed to steal your login information and payment details.
The phishing scams usually come via email or fraudulent sites.
The 2nd scam targets Netflix subscribers.
You get a text message offering you 3 months of Premium Netflix for free.
All you have to do is open the link in the message. If you do you get sent to a site that asks for personal information. It also asks you to send the offer to 10 friends.
This scam has circulated widely via text and the WhatsApp messenger app.
Stay safe by following a few tips.
• Look at the sources of any messages. “” has Hulu in the name, but it’s not the real Hulu support email.
• Don’t click links sent by unverified or unknown sources whether it’s through email, text or a messaging app.
• If you are sent a “prize” for a contest you didn’t enter, just delete the message.


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