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  • Did the governor do the right thing?
    Did the governor do the right thing?

Are emergency orders Constitutional?

May 21, 2020

Gov. Henry McMaster undoubtedly had the best intentions with his emergency orders closing businesses;
Working with the President and other governors, he shut down much of the state to stop the spread of covid-19,
That is commendable but is it constitutional? Did he abridge our rights in ordering us to stay home and closing the places where we earned a living?
Is this alarmist legal nonsense or does it portend a time when martial law might be declared and even more of our substitutional rights taken from us.
Never forget that those living in cruel times in czarist Russia thought everything would be hunky dory after the revolution and look what Lenin gave them.
The German people after World War 1 thought the Nazis would rebuild their war-torn country and return their dignity. Look what Hitler gave them.
In a disturbing discovery we published last week, editor Rick Brundrett of the SC Policy Council reported that the governor’s emergency orders would allow unelected officials to punish anyone who did not strictly obey the covid-19 guidelines.
It has not yet happened here but one Texas beautician was jailed for opening her shop and taking care of her customers.
The 2002 Emergency Health Powers Act says that if you don’t comply with Department of Health and Environmental Control rules, you may face 30 days in jail and $1,000 fine. 
If you visit someone quarantined if not authorized by DHEC you can face the same penalty.
This law allows DHEC to quarantine you if you are “unable or unwilling for any reason” to get vaccinations or treatment for a contagious disease. 
If a quarantine is needed,  DHEC is supposed to ensure you are provided adequate food, clothing, shelter, medication and medical care. But the law doesn’t specify the standards of care or who would pay for it. 
We don’t think such sweeping powers should exist in our state but what do you think? 
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