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    Aren’t your pets wearing their masks?

Our shaming media

Who do they think they’re kidding?

Before I get into how our slanted media has helped divide us, I have a confession.

Once I was young, naive and liberal.

My heart bled for all of the oppressed and wretched of the earth. 
Sadly, that’s about as far as it went. 
I didn’t man the barricades or rush off to 3rd world countries in the Peace Corps.
As a journalist, I was perfectly happy covering the civil rights movement, urban unrest and Vietnam protests. In other words, I was feeding off dissent in our country,
Slowly my eyes were opened by the deceit of some movements leaders. Now I have become a questioning conservative, not a racist or intolerant of the views of others as are some in the leftist media.
I admit that my conservative views do influence my thinking about what news is important to our readers and what is just noise that should be ignored such as the shaming of people the media doesn’t like.
Now that you know this, you can dismiss me as an old crank. That’s your choice. But my thinking was reflected in something Gerard Baker wrote the other day.
Gerard is a Brit who came over here to edit the Wall Street Journal, one of the few newspapers I trust any more. He wrote:
“If you say the lockdown has gone on too long, that you want to return to some possibility of ever having a livelihood again, you’re a science-denying troglodyte who will crawl over the bodies of sick children and dying grandparents to get to that restaurant so you can fill your face from the all-you-can-eat barbecue.
“Or you’re a greedy, profit-before-people capitalist, desperate to get your employees back into the workhouse so you can go back to exploiting them.
“If you support the continued lockdown, you’re an enlightened, science-following humanitarian. You can’t help it but you just love people (well, some people) and want them to live. You put the interests of the vulnerable in society above things like nice dinners and vacations.
“Anti-lockdown people are the beer-soaked jerks partying on beaches. They’re the conspiracy theorists framing public health guidance as sinister efforts by the deep state to control our minds.
“The stay-the-course types are the hardworking (and still employed) officials in government and international organizations simply doing their altruistic duty.
“They’re the (still employed, for now) all-knowing media commentators whose acquired expertise in epidemiology has been derived from Twitter and who are graciously willing to share it with the rest of us.
“The governors of Democratic states are devoted father and mother figures, shepherding ignorant flocks with unchallengeable science and homespun wisdom. 
“Governors of Republican states are half-wits who refuse to listen to medical experts knowing that continued economic paralysis is going to doom them and their patron, the quack-remedy-touting guy in the White House at the polls.”
This is the journalistic poison the liberal media is peddling to the rest of us.
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