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  • President Trump speaks to supporters - Mike Brown photo for the Chronicle
    President Trump speaks to supporters - Mike Brown photo for the Chronicle

What you may not find in mainstream media

There's more to any story than some want you to know

What happened on Capitol Hill in Washington Wednesday is tragic.

Even Donald Trump supporters and the anti-Trump media agree on that.

Where many in the public and the media differ is in who to blame.

Without sufficient evidence, mainstream media would have you believe:

- President Trump is personally responsible for the Capitol Hill riot.

- Trump supporters and right-wing extremists broke into and trashed Congressional offices.

No official sources have confirmed any of this.

In contrast, Trump supporters believe:

- They were there peacefully to protest what they saw as voting fraud.

- Their ranks were infiltrated by left-wingers intent on mayhem.

- Some believe Antifa and others wore red MAGA caps as disguises.

No official sources have confirmed this either.

The rioters' tactics were similar to those last year in Columbia and other cities.

Left wing Antifa activists were involved in most of those riots.

Investigators are already at work in search of the guilty.

Hundreds of photos from peaceful protestors will help them.

The truth - or as much as can be determined - will prevail.

The President has finally conceded the election to former Vice President Joe Biden.

An orderly transition of office is expected Jan. 20.

– Chronicle Editor Emeritus Jerry Bellune





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