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    State law limits reassessment to 15%

Why you should appeal tax reassessments

Your property tax appeal deadline is Thursday

By Archie Auten
Special to the Chronicle
Mom taught me to stand up for what is right. Never give up until you think your beliefs have been upheld.  
If you own real estate you should have received a Notice Of Classification, Appraisal & Assessment of Real Estate after June 26 when they were mailed. That means today is your last day to appeal
The important thing to note here is you have 90 days to file a written notice of appeal. If you think to appeal is a waste of time, I have serious news for you.
I have appealed reassessments every 5 years since 2005 and never lost.
All you have to do is ask. 
I looked at an assessment on commercial property in Swansea that increased 15%..
Know why? That’s the maximum the state will allow by law to raise taxes. 
I’m sure Lexington County figures less than 20% of property owners will appeal.
The county gets the money they want. 
Tell the assessor when you attend your appeal that you want to see proof that your property increased 15% in value. 
They can’t and usually won’t. So they cut you a deal just to get rid of you. 
Tell them if you are not satisfied you’ll appear at all appeal processes with a real estate lawyer and appraiser. 
Yes, you can do that.
I never have had to bear that expense but I know some who have. 
I looked at a home in the city limits of Swansea which the county figures increased 9% in value.  You gotta be kidding me. 
I’ve been down this road several times and will again. I can’t wait since I love a good challenge.  
It’s all about the property owners saving money and what’s right and what’s wrong.
   Lexington County business owner Archie Auten shares advice weekly in our sister newspaper, The Fish Wrapper.


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